Ambient Kits are complete packaging kits for the transport or shipment of Category B Biological Substances (UN3373), Infectious Substances (UN2814) or Non-Biological Substances; in a single shipment, at ambient temperature.

The Ambient Kits allow the transport of tubes, petri dishes, swabs, small jars and sample vials.


  • Outer cover made of high-strength cardboard
  • Transport printing 6. 2 (UN2814 or UN3373) or customised printing on request
  • Security tab for locking during transport
  • Triple packaging available and customizable on request, comprising:
    - The primary packaging is the tube, petri dishes, swab(s), jar, vial or other biological or non-biological product to be transported
    - The secondary packaging is a sealed and airtight bag which must withstand a differential pressure of 0. 95 kPa (0. 01 Bar) and in which an absorbent material (absorbent or absorbent cartridge) will be placed. The secondary packaging can also be a 95 kPa jar or not depending on the nature of the primary container
    - The tertiary packaging is simply the cardboard box

  • The elements of this kit can be ordered separately.


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